In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the female entrepreneurs who have come through (or are currently participating in) reSET’s Impact Accelerator program. High school chemistry teachers Áine Kapell and Ann Guerrera founded Alchemists Beauty as a way to use their scientific knowledge to create plant-based tonics that restore beauty from the inside out.


Meet Áine Kapell and Ann Guerrera of Alchemists Beauty

As women become more aware of the toxins in their beauty products, they’re looking for cleaner alternatives. But what about beautifying from the inside out, rather than the outside in? The answer is S T R U C T U R E, a tonic created by high school science teachers Áine Kapell and Ann Guerrera. It’s formulated with a diverse selection of plant based essential nutrients the body needs to renew, protect & repair our skin. S T R U C T U R E is approaching beautiful skin with a new philosophy; from the inside out.


reSET: You’re just getting started with this year’s Impact Accelerator program. How has it helped you so far, and what are you looking to get out of the program?
Áine & Ann: Although we have the scientific knowledge to create our tonic, we have little to no experience in starting a business from the ground up, so we are extremely grateful to have been accepted into reSET’s Impact Accelerator program. Within just the first couple of months we have learn so much from not only our knowledgeable instructors, but also our fellow cohort members who are at different places in their business endeavors.


reSET: What are some challenges you’ve faced and overcome as female business owners?
Áine & Ann: Working full time as high school chemistry teachers, having a family and starting a new business has been very challenging but also extremely exciting and enjoyable too.

reSET: Who are your female role models?

Áine: Michelle Obama.
Ann: Madame Curie.


reSET: What’s one piece of advice you have for fellow female entrepreneurs?
Áine & Ann: Never give up, and believe in yourself and your abilities. There are always going to be obstacles and failures, it how you choose to handle and deal with those unexpected matters that will determine your success in the end.


reSET: Anything else we should know?
Áine & Ann: We love science, we love living healthy lifestyles, and hope that we can share that with others through using our beauty tonic.

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