This series highlights the ventures and founders participating in the 2019 Impact Accelerator. Leading up to the Venture Showcase, we’re asking each company how their personal values are reflected in their business, and what they would do with $10,000 if they won it at the Venture Showcase this June.

Venture Name: Raise Green

Members: Franz Hochstrasser, CEO; Matthew Moroney, COO

Venture Description: Raise Green is a platform that allows anyone to invest small amounts of money in local renewable energy projects. A platform that makes it easier to open a solar array in your neighborhood than a gas station.

How does this business reflect your personal values?
Our venture is designed to rapidly scale solutions to climate change, air pollution, and income inequality – these have been focuses of our work for decades.

If you were to win the $10,000 grand prize at the Venture Showcase, what would you do with it?
Hire staff to help launch the first round of community-led climate solutions projects.