Meet the entrepreneurs participating in the 2020 Impact Accelerator! Raggedy Rob Productions is a one stop shop for all things entertainment and education.

Venture Name: Raggedy Rob Productions

Members: Robert Santos, General Manager

Venture Description: Raggedy Rob Productions is a one stop shop for all things entertainment and education. Rob offers stand up comedy workshops for comedians and people of all ages using DBT and CBT skills. Along with his comedy writing, acting, stand up comedy and comedy shows, and merchandise.

Why did you apply to the Impact Accelerator?
I applied for the Accelorator program because I want to maximize my abilities as an entrepreneur. I see a guy like Kevin Hart and I feel like I can be what he is in the Hartford area and beyond. I want to offer something to the Hartford and CT communities to help build the arts scene here so a new culture can be ushered in where true diversity exists. I feel like if people see my example, then others can do the same. I want to own my work!

What makes you the most qualified to start this particular business?
No stand up comedian from Boston to New York is doing what I am doing. I believe that I am doing something special and coupled with my personality and faith in myself and others, I can achieve all I set my mind to.

How does your company create a positive social or environmental impact?
Using the DBT and CBT skills that I have acquired over the years, I believe that using this in my workshop alone promotes mental and emotional health in a profound way that hasn’t been done before in an artist workshop session. It pushes people to question themselves and their mentalities to their life and their art, and also with their emotions towards the same. Coupled with how I present myself and how I truly care for people, I know that I am creating something that people can believe in on many levels.

If you were to win the $10,000 grand prize at the Venture Showcase, what would you do with it?
I have honestly have no idea. This is why I am here in the program so as I go along in this process and I acquire knowledge, I will be able to have a better idea of what to do with that money. I am grateful that I have the chance to win that money so I can invest it in myself. That opportunity alone makes me feel good.

Find Raggedy Rob Productions online: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @raggedy_rob_productions | Snapchat: @Muse324 | Twitter

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