To the reSET Community,

It’s week 4 of quarantine and at reSET we continue business as usual, albeit virtual. 

On March 16 reSET staff began WFH. We checked in with each other via Zoom and moved our programs online. The Impact Accelerator had a Zoom summit. The Food Incubator continues to meet Wednesday nights via Zoom. And the college programs we support at Conn College and Wesleyan Zoom weekly. 

Our priority during this crisis is to support the small business community who have launched so many of their enterprises at reSET. We’ve seen the sacrifices, hard work, and grit that goes into creating a new venture and our hearts are with those business owners who are wondering how they will pay April’s rent or make payroll. Our hearts are also with those entrepreneurs who are wondering if they will ever launch that dream business. 

We also see the companies that are rising to the occasion and meeting new demand. Prepper’s Meal Prep, founded by Chevon Schand, continues to deliver healthy meal options while Amazon and other national food delivery services experience delays. Seedership, founded by Jennifer and Ray Smithberger, has offered it’s platform for free during this crisis to help companies track and the ways they are giving back to the community and measure social impact. 

In response to COVID-19, we are pulling together resources and sharing them on our website, social media, and in our weekly Zoom call open to the community held each Tuesday from 3-4 pm. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) joined us last week to discuss the Paycheck Protection Program, part of the massive CARES act recently signed into law. We’ve touched on issues such as mental health and envisioning the world which we want to create. 

We have always known that the old ways of doing business were not going to cut it, and we stand by our commitment to provide support and guidance to visionary entrepreneurs. We recognize that our shared reality is changing each day, and we have always admired the ability of great entrepreneurs to adapt quickly amidst uncontrollable change. We hope you will take time to honor that which is no longer working, let it go, and be ready when it’s time to rebuild more sustainable structures. What do you dream of creating in our world post COVID-19? Please comment below. 


The reSET team

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