Expected year of graduation2020

Clubs I am proud to be a part of at school

American Marketing Association, Student Government Association, Helping Hands For Veterans, and Barney Ambassadors

What does social enterprise mean to me?

It means going under someone’s wings and learning the ins and outs of a small business. It means understanding how to operate a small business properly and efficiently, as well as how to sell and market products when the time comes. As of now, this program presents a unique learning and career building opportunity, and I am really excited for the next several months.

More about Eric

One day I will own my own commercial real estate firm in NYC, or my own hedge fund. Since I was a kid, I have had a fire inside of me- from sports to my education- I have always felt like I must do what it takes to succeed. I also love to travel, as each place I visit has a unique story, one that I will never forget. Visiting new places gives me an opportunity to learn new things, and pass that knowledge onto others.