For 35 years Eric Knight has made a name for himself as an inventor, entrepreneur, author, and futurist.  He has a laundry list of accomplishments, some of which are literally out of this world.  His company, Remarkable Technologies, Inc., which was founded in 1994, has introduced a wide range of products and services into the global marketplace. Knight received international recognition in September 2013 for inventing a method that has the potential to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and in May 2015 he received a patent on his medical innovation.

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence , Eric advises on development of business strategy, marketing, branding, prototyping, intellectual property, and more. He helps entrepreneurs realize their vision and identify what success is and how to get there. Eric’s availability is made possible by the generous support of Connecticut’s CTNext Program.

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence  program is open to all Connecticut entrepreneurs and members of the reSET community. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Eric is stationed at reSET’s Business Factory, located at 1429 Park Street, Suite 114, Hartford, CT 06106.