As reSET’s Managing Director, Ojala Naeem combines her passions in economic and community development, and supports entrepreneurs at reSET’s Business Factory. For the past five years, Ojala has focused on growing an entrepreneurial community in Connecticut and building support infrastructures to strengthen and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the state through a focus on public/private partnerships, entrepreneurial program development, and policy reform such as support for Benefit Corporation legislation, which passed in Connecticut in 2014. In addition, she is actively involved in larger entrepreneurial initiatives in the state, including the Hartford/East Hartford Innovation Places. In 2017, Ojala was a recipient of the Hartford Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 award for her work in the Greater Hartford region.

Ojala was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut. She received her BA in International Studies with a focus on economics and politics from Fordham University in New York. After working in New York, Ojala realized the impact she hoped to make globally was much needed in her home state. So, she moved back to Connecticut and began working for reSET in hopes to help improve the local communities. In addition to her role at reSET, Ojala also serves on the Board of Directors for Compass Youth Collaborative, a Hartford non-profit that promotes the safety, wellness and academic success of youth, inspiring and empowering them to pursue – and contribute to – a brighter future.