This series highlights the ventures and founders participating in the 2019 Impact Accelerator. Leading up to the Venture Showcase, we’re asking each company how their personal values are reflected in their business, and what they would do with $10,000 if they won it at the Venture Showcase this June.

Venture Name: Jam Program, Inc.

Members: Ashley Rigby, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer; Shawna Kitzman, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer; Teri Michaud, Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer.

Venture Description: Jam Program builds communities one party at a time. It’s your book club, but better. Jam Kits have shaken and stirred women’s outdated, sit-in-a-circle snooze-fest parties. A Jam Kit is for the brave lady who prioritizes fun and friendship in real life. The Kit includes a proven program and supplies to put a fresh twist on creating connections.

How does this business reflect your personal values?
As a team comprised of two sisters and our mom; relationships matter to us. Helping others create meaningful networks and friendships is what we and Jam Program are all about. You will always have a seat at our table.

If you were to win the $10,000 grand prize at the Venture Showcase, what would you do with it?
Wow! We would use that investment to refine and scale the production of our magnetic nametags and Jam Kits. We’d also use it to create professional video content.