This blog series offers a glimpse into reSET’s summer internship program in entrepreneurship. The series captures interns’ experiences, both with reSET’s curriculum and the startups that they are working alongside. Mabelyn Jimenez-Sosa is attending Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.

I am Mabelyn Jimenez-Sosa. I graduated Tunxis Community College with my associates degree in Business Administration in December 2018. I will continue taking equivalent 4 year school courses at Tunxis before transferring to CCSU. 

I found out about reSET through my school’s business club. Managing Director Sarah Bodley came in to speak about reSET as the social enterprise it is and it got me interested. I was interested in business and especially the social responsibility part of it. I knew reSET would be perfect for me to expand my knowledge and experience in the business world and in philanthropy. I saw the internship as a great opportunity to take when Sarah mention that part of the internship was developing our own business ideas.  

The start up I’ve been working with is Alchemists Beauty. They have created a beauty tonic to consume daily. They just started their business and are currently pre-selling their beauty tonic on their website The product helps rejuvenate and repair the skin from the inside out. Alchemists Beauty’s focus is to stop premature aging and to help you control the fate of your skin. 

I’m working on two projects with Alchemists Beauty. The first one is bringing Alchemists Beauty Tonic to social media for advertising & networking purposes. The second one is building business relationships in specific with Medispas and food stores to get them to sell their beauty tonic. Until now we have just been focusing on the social media project because of the amount of work it needs. 

I am working on a venture with fellow intern, Isabel Plant, that focuses on healthy makeup. I remember always wanting to play with makeup since I was little but my mom never let me because of how bad it was for the skin. I looked into popular brands and saw that there are many toxic ingredients that not only cause acne and wrinkles but are also carcinogenic! At the same time I’d heard about the “miracles of hemp” and the growing industry. I learned that hemp is really good for the skin and decided to start a business of natural makeup that contains hemp. Our goal is to bring healthy confidence with natural ingredients to people while being very inclusive in race, gender, and age. The biggest takeaways from working on our venture is the amount of things we have to include for our start-up budget and getting specific in our company since we like to think so big. It was easy for us to think of where we want to take the company but to get it started was more complicated than I thought. 

reSET is great with resources! Each company needs to know about lawyers, accountants, regulations and more to start, so it can be confusing knowing where to go for this information. reSET tells us what we need or directs us to people that specialize in those fields. The professional development courses that Emily Reisner, Impact Strategist at reSET, guides us in has helped our company find its way out to the path we’ve envisioned.