Meet the entrepreneurs participating in the 2020 Impact Accelerator! Our World. Care 4 Your Own LLC is an educational publishing and entertainment company founded to inspire career development in kids.

Venture Name: Our World. Care 4 Your Own LLC

Members: Joseph Inigo, President & Donald Bertrand, Associate Director

Venture Description:

We are an educational publishing and entertainment company built to inspire growth and maturity in kids and young adults through our career development Program titled, “The Music Note kids Club”! Our signature program is “Computers and HipHop” combining “technical” right side brain with the “creative” left side of the brain. This is a S.T.E.A.M program which we’ve added an “E” to the end for Ecology to make it S.T.E.A.M.E including topics on climate change.

Why did you apply to the Impact Accelerator?

We applied because we believe that with the help of the experienced and trained professionals at Reset we can build our small business into a B corporation with a social mission. Our company will help build a pathway for kids to help them succeed in life. By providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to grow in life and flourish to their full potential, ultimately achieving greatness will be possible!

What makes you the most qualified to start this particular business?

We are qualified to run this particular company because our president Joseph Inigo is a C.T.V. certified TV producer with a history as a Music entertainment promoter with shows with platinum artist and other celebrity artist talent shows. Our Associate Director Donald Bertrand is a certified Vex robotics instructor and trainer in programming and coding who founded his own Stem company, RoboAchiever. Bertrand has many years practicing in the Connecticut public school system and is also a Yale Law school graduate.

How does your company create a positive social or environmental impact?

Our company is built on a social mission along with an environmental mission of bringing kids and the learning institutions built to serve them and small businesses together for the common good of the child. Our trademark symbol is a tree (care4yourowntree) which promotes the environment. We plan on spreading worldwide awareness on ecology, environmental studies, and climate change.

If you were to win the $10,000 grand prize at the Venture Showcase, what would you do with it?

If we win the $10,000 from the Venture Showcase we will use the funds: To expand upon the successful launch of our signature program “Computer and Hip-Hop”. Our programs provide host learning sites, such as libraries and youth centers, with the welcoming messages, developmental tools and positive reinforcement practices and methods that excite students to again reconnect to the host center’s core learning. With the influence of The Music Note Kids Club, the host sites are seen not only as developmentally engaging fun places, but are valued and seen as “cool to belong” by the youth. Our 2 mottos that we instill in each student are You can do it and Yes You Can! 



Find Our World. Care 4 Your Own LLC online: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @care4yourowntree |


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